Give Love Recipient (December)

give love recipient

Meet Kimber, our December #LWJgivelove nominee.  At her 20-week ultrasound, Kimber found out there was no fluid surrounding her baby.  She went to a specialist a week later and they were suspicious that he had a rare autosomal kidney disease.  They were told that if he made it to full term and his lungs were functional, he would begin dialysis and continue until he was big enough for a kidney transplant.  

Two weeks after getting this devastating news, Kimber was diagnosed with Follicular Lymphoma.  She opted to wait to treat her cancer until the baby was born.  Baby Jace was born prematurely at 32-weeks and passed away an hour after birth.  After 6 rounds of chemotherapy, where she lost her hair, Kimber was happy to hear that she is cancer free!

Kimber’s friend said of her "She has been through SO much in the past year and through it all she has remained the happy, kind and thoughtful person that I've always known.” Much love to you and your sweet family, Kimber!