Give Love Recipient (April)

Autism Awareness

In honor of Autism Awareness Month we are proud to announce our newest #LWJgivelove recipient -- Hillary! After Hillary's husband returned from serving in Iraq, Hillary's dream of becoming a mom quickly changed when she learned she would not be able to have children. The grueling process of adoption quickly became their only hope and is how she became a mom to two boys, both having High Functioning Autism.

As you can imagine, being a mom to two kids with HFA is no easy task. Hillary describes herself as a "constant knot of anxiety" anytime she leaves her house. Always being prepared to intervene, stop or redirect her boys from hurting themselves or disrupting others is totally normal for her. She has learned to ignore the constant criticism she receives as a mom, but it is still difficult for her to see the way her kids are often looked at or mistreated. Education, providing them with proper therapy and spreading awareness has become her life mission and seeing their progress makes everyday worth it.

I personally know Hillary and she is the definition of pure beauty - inside and out. I admire the way she LOVES her boys unconditionally, the fact that she wouldn't change a thing if she could and that she told me that she feels full-heartedly that she was meant to be their mom.

Hillary, you are an inspiration to us all. Thank you for sharing your story with us on this special day and shedding a little more light on Autism!

Who is with me in trying a little harder to be more kind in the way we treat others?

Autism Awareness