Give Love Recipient (October)


After her husband was accepted to medical school, Samantha and her family moved with their two small children to Ponce, Puerto Rico. They had hired a moving company to get their things to the island.  At the expected arrival date, their belongings didn't arrive.  When things finally arrived three months later, 1/2 of their belongings were completely damaged or destroyed.  After having lived in suitcases for three months, you can imagine their disappointment.

After dealing with all of this, their new home was hit by Hurricane Maria. By a true miracle, Samantha and her two kids were in the states for a wedding before the hurricane came.  However, Samantha's husband had stayed in Puerto Rico because of school. Samantha lost contact with him for four days. Over those days of no communication, she feared the worst. Samantha's husband had been eating cold food out of cans and was walking down the highway in Puerto Rico when friends saw him and took him to the only working cell tower in the country. Their town of Ponce was completely destroyed and is not anticipated to have power for the next 4-6 months.

Her husband did eventually make it out on a humanitarian flight, but has since traveled back for the start of school, leaving Samantha and her children in the states until conditions are safer for them there.

As you can imagine, this has been devastating for their family, but Samantha has been a rock and strength through it all. We are happy to "Give Love" to Samantha and bring a little sunshine to her storm.

To quote Samantha, "Find ways to help others in need and count your blessings, even the smallest ones, everyday. We have so much to be grateful for that we may not realize until we experience something so life changing and humbling as a natural disaster."