Women's Clothing: We carry a wide variety of designers and brands at Love Winnie James Boutique and we are not able to offer a specific sizing guide for each item. However, in an effort to get you the correct size, we will note if an item does tend to run a little small or large in the description. For more questions please email

Leather Oxfords

SOFT SOLE (Babies, Crawlers, New Walkers)

Size 1 // 4.0in

Size 2 // 4.25in

Size 3 // 4.75in

Size 4 // 5.0in

RUBBER SOLE (Toddlers)

Size 5 // 5.25in

Size 6 // 5.75in

Size 7 // 6in

Size 8 // 6.5in

leather moccasins

Newborn // 9.5cm // 3.7in

Small // 11.5cm // 4.5in

Medium // 12.5cm // 5in

Large // 13.5cm // 5.3in

Extra-Large // 14.5cm // 5.7in